OPTION 1 - The Foundational Parcel

Want a taste of our products? We know you won't look back once you see the results and experience the difference in our premium products. Gentler on your body while still being incredibly powerful, this parcel gives you HUGE value and showcases our bestselling products.

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Experience the Sophic Difference:
Our Foundation Parcel is your first step into the world of conscious coloring. This is your chance to try our signature system at a heavily discounted rate and discover the transformational power of plants right before your eyes!

What's Included:

  • 1L Developing Cream (3.5 vol)
  • 1L Developing Cream (20 vol)
  • 500g Lightening Butter (Bleach)
  • 120g Reconstructing Elixir
  • 5 x Hybrid Colour Tubes

Step 1: Choose Your Base Colour Range

Colour: Blondes
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OPTION 2 - Ultimate Foundational Parcel

Experience the ultimate colour system without the nasties!

This is the next tier in our starter packs and represents our BEST value. You get all 15 colours above in this complete kit.

What's Included

15 x of our bestselling 120ml hybrid colours in our blondes, copper and naturals range.
1 x 6% (20 Vol) Developing Cream 1L
1 x 1% (3.5 Vol) Developing Cream 1L
1 x Lightening Butter 500g 
1 x Reconstructing Elixir 120g


Our complete low-tox colour system filled with more than 57 colours PLUS $200+ worth of free product.

This is the next tier in starter bundles and gives you incredible value to last you through months of clean colour services.

What's Included

56 X Hybrid Colour Treatments 100g
3 X Lightening Butter 500g
10 x Developing Cream from 3.5V - 40V
4 X Reconstructing Elixir 120g

Included FREE

6 x Bestselling hybrid 100ml colours
1 X Lighten Butter 500g
1 X Developing Cream 3.5 Vol 1L
1 X Developing Cream 10 Vol 1L
1 X Developing Cream 20 Vol 1L
1 X Colour Disc Chart
1 X SOPHIC Technical Guide


Try Our Haircare Parcel

Care for your hair. Care for your body. Care for your Country.

Experience the Australian Difference. Our Sophic Care Foundation Parcel is your chance to experience our Australian Botanical's power in transforming the condition of tresses of all shapes and sizes.

What's Included

  • 375ml Daily Cleanser
  • 375ml Daily Conditioner
  • 375ml Moisture Cleanser
  • 375ml Moisture Conditioner

*The Sophic Care Foundation Parcel is for professional hairdressers with a Certificate III in Hairdressing or equivelant qualification only. 1 per customer.

Confidently Clean

Mindful Colouring, Without:

🚫 Resorcinol
🚫 Ammonia

The Benefits in your Salon:

✅ Breathe easy without the harsh chemicals
✅ Gentle on scalps for reduced irritation
✅ Minimised risk of dermatitis and color allergies

  • Performance

    Sophic represents salon-driven innovation. Our salon-proven formulas deliver vibrant results while prioritising health.

  • Authenticity

    Proudly Australian, Sophic celebrates our heritage with biodiverse, native ingredients for uniquely effective products.

  • Sustainability

    Mindful at every stage, we ensure our product journey embodies sustainability and thoughtful impact.

  • Community

    Sophic Stylists all share a dedication to skill, creativity, and conscious values. Together, we're shaping a greener future.

  • Education

    From novices to masters, our educational team & resources are designed to inspire new levels of skill & creativity.

  • Respect

    Our ethos is simple: beauty without cruelty. Sophic's vegan, ethical range respects all life. It's simple really.

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